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CWM-303 Anesthesia workstation

CWM-303 Anesthesia workstation



Integrated Breathing Circuit with   latest anesthesia clinical design 

  •  Large volume  of CO2 tourill.

  • Resistant to 134 degree temperature

  •  Low essential  resistance, good mechanical compliance.

  • Replacing drive bellow is not necessary when operating  pediatric anesthesia.

  • Integrated breathing circuit with APL valve, good stopping property and easy to use.

  • Heated breathing circuit ensure no water trap in the system internal inspiration and aspiration flow sensor.

High-precision Vaporizer

  • Apply with Selectatec.

  • Pouring type/ quick-fil.

  • Isoflurane, Enflurane, Halothane, Sevoflurane.

  • Integrated Can be used for large flow anesthesia(up to 15L/Min)

  • Apply automatic compensation function for temperature, pressure and flow.

  • Replacing drive bellow is not necessary when operating pediatric anesthesia.


  • NEW interface design with a good layout and colour assortment.

  • Real-time detection for circle graph, airway pressure, flow rate, volume, compliance and air resistance.

  • Day/Night display mode brings a better visual perception to users. Night mode suitable for dark environment.

  • 15 inch touchable screen with no dead space in the screen which give users a clearly vision for parameters and waveforms.

  • To display a full range of ventilation modes include VCV, PCV,SIMV-VC,SIMV-PC,PSV. Also displays pressure, flow speed, volume and CO2 waveform in same screen.


  • International standard design.

  • To connect with T circuit or bain circuit for open-operation.

  • Convenient for patients’ oxygen inhalation and postoperative recovery.


  • Made by aluminum alloy. High strength, light weight, never rusts.

  • To enhance the safety of the environment in which members of staff in close proximity with waste anaesthetic gases and vapors (agents) work.

Yoke system

  • To allow back-up cylinder.

  • 3 gas sources support: O2, N2O, Air

  • Normally 11L csize in the emergency case


  • Comprehensive monitoring capabilities include ventilation parameters monitoring, preset parameters, alarm indication and breathing waveform 


Plug in design

  • Plug in design available for monitoring SPO2, CO2, FiO2 and 5 types of anesthetic gases.